Lawton Shared Time Partnership

The Lawton Shared Time Partnership is a cooperative partnership, providing non-core elective courses and is available to all students residing within Van Buren County and all school districts which are contiguous to Van Buren County. All classes in the partnership are available to students enrolled in Lawton Community Schools.

Course Offerings:

  • Keyboarding Enrichment
  • Health and Fitness
  • Current Events
  • Computer Coding
  • Communication Skills Enrichment
  • World Language
  • Virtual Art Experience
  • Technology Lab Enrichment
  • SAT / ACT Review
  • Music Theory Enrichment
  • Khan Academy Courses
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Personal Finance
    • Hour of Code / Pixar In a Box / Imagineering in a Box
    • Computer Programming
    • Art History
    • Health and Medicine
    • Capital Finance
    • World Markets

Course descriptions

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