School Administration


Superintendent Mr. Benjamin J. Bandfield

Welcome to Lawton Community Schools!

Located in Southwest Michigan, Lawton Community Schools is an excellent district, providing big experiences with the great feeling and connection of a small district. We are in a financially sound position which allows us to provide a variety of great opportunities for our students and continue to grow, develop, and maintain our beautiful buildings and facilities. With the support of our outstanding community, the construction and renovation of our facilities are being completed during the 2021-22 school year which provides all of our students and teachers an outstanding learning environment for years to come.

Our families are supported with on site preschool and childcare programs that provide our youngest learners a great start to their educational journey. Students continue to experience great opportunities throughout their educational career as we prepare them for their future with college experiences in dual enrollment, middle college, and many rigorous advanced placement courses. Lawton students have the opportunity to attend the Van Buren Technology Center for career and technical educational experiences that prepare students for career entry and college programs. Lawton offers an alternative learning experience through the Lawton Accelerated Academic Center which provides individualized support and pacing in pursuit of graduation.

Students have the opportunity to make positive connections outside the school day with a variety of clubs and activities. The Lawton athletic teams are competitive and have shown a history of success both in the Southwestern Athletic Conference and in MHSAA state tournaments. Graduates of Lawton Community Schools have shown post secondary success attending outstanding colleges and universities, being successful in the workforce, and most importantly being engaged and positive members of society.

Lawton Community Schools is in the heart of the Village of Lawton and the beautiful surrounding areas. Our community has an excellent connection of education, business and industry with successful food processing plants, restaurants and eateries, and other local businesses that are supported by the proud members of our community. The beauty and aroma from the surrounding grape vineyards will forever be in the memory of those of us that get to experience them where we love to work and live.

We have a committed Board of Education, excellent educators, high quality students, and a supportive community that are proud of Lawton. We welcome any visitors to come see the great things that are happening at Lawton Community Schools and this outstanding community. It truly is a special place.